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You are so bang on. There is nothing wrong in being fresh and real. Remember ladies, you get more with honey than vinegar. Then shortly after discovering this website. That was 2 weeks ago. Lol people judge you for what they dislike about themselves! After that I became more and more aware of my own traits which I did not even know were different to everyone else. It is infuriating. :). I do not need treatment, but it is like now I know something about myself that I didn’t before and it explains anxieties and problems and things that have made me, me since kindergarten. If someone judges you, it’s one of two things – they wish they had your courage to be themselves out in public.. Or they see something in you that they dislike about their self. Putting my opinions on humanity aside… i knew i was being a “sheeple” but didn’t like it!! I totally understand about the faking. Employers want me to work late and i cannot, so I have yet to find a job where the hours allow me access to the paratransit i need and to continue attending classes 2 days a week. I turn into a gibbering mess. It runs in my family as well and I’ve always wondered why it was that I related so well to people on the spectrum. Do you have anybody in the family or friends you can confide in. Sorry for the grumbling but its good to find a safe place to be real. or just that I hide it from myself? I am a 27 yo female. Hey there Peggy, personally I’ve managed to find just a few very close friends who 1) are of the odd and introverted themselves so they totally get when I ask for space or disappear for awhile, in fact they do it themselves and 2) because those relationships have become so strong, like family (I am not partnered and I don’t have children and my family of origin is much harder to deal with than my friend family, which all allows me some extra space) that I find, when they really need me, for some emotional event (I have a friend currently in the process of breaking it off with an emotionally abusive man) I’m much more likely to make space for them when it disrupts my routines. Learn and understand as much as you can about what makes you tick, what you thrive on, what gets you down, and what tears you to pieces. It has helped explain my way of thought, but it hasn’t necessarily made life easier. I love the sales. I wept as I read it because I finally understood how much my husband of 24 years truly loves me. The choice is one I already made but at lest now I’ve a better idea of what the questions was. She lacks creativity! I am the kind of person that I there is something about which I am a little unsure of I study it to the endth degree. Incidentally, dad was definitely autistic, his father slightly & his grandfather definitely. rom what iv read and related to me on this site, knowing where or when to start a conversation is frustrating. It was like a badge: I Go To Coffee Mornings – I Must Be Normal. I say, great for them! We women are supposed to understand everyone’s innermost thoughts and concerns, no questions asked. Mother not to blame as during her “era” lay the awful stigma around mental health and given her instinct to protect. I wish you much luck with your relationship and thank you for sharing your perspective. I have no interest in clothes or shoes. I am the same person I was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Even though she tells me that I am her friend I still get scared. To me, my daughter is just like everyone else in that she feels different, yet, she wants to be accepted. I have no idea who I am underneath the Asperger’s symptoms, and am looking for ways to help them, including lifestyle habits, diet tips and supplements that can help me. Nothing ever seems to pull through not until one day, i decided to share his situation to a very close friend of mine who claims there is an herbal man who cured her 12 years old son called Baba Alika and has also helped a lot of women to cure their children’s Autism. Oh yes my faith is helping me big time. After a life time of isolation the best thing is to know that I am not alone and there are other women like me around. its unfortunate because she isn’t trying to be rude and just wants to get along with everyone she meets. I was diagnosed with social anxiety. High school students taking calls from their parents and friends in class is ridiculous. Tony Attwood en définit quatre : 1. Surprisingly, I felt relieved, “Finally an explanation!”. How about stop mirroring yourself on to how you’d like her to behave and react if you were in her shoes. Autism/ aspergers is not just about a bit of social discomfort though is it? Sorry James, misread your post. For example, as noted above, adults with AS often have a remarkable ability to focus. When I was young I was downright rude and mean because I didn’t care what people thought. Amazing, I realised there was a a community of women out there who would accept. Do not make judgements about other people based on your ignorance. You know now it is, parents just don’t understand! “Wear this not that,” changes year to year, and “polite” means different things in different parts of the world, so why is everyone so hung up on it? When I was growing up I could barely talk to anyone. I know exactly how you feel. ��J��=m�&ߌ�*)Q��W=�%$3��2]�d��a6x��Dh�:*�uj�)%���h)� I am rather mature age now and only now finding out why my life has been as it has. I had all my hair cut off (what a blessed relief that was), and threw out my make-up and those stupid heel-rubbing shoes that I couldn’t even walk in, let alone hop, skip, and jump in. I say what I feel! We are sociable – in a different way. Move to Essex. Also I feel so much better now knowing I may have it than not knowing anything about it. That aside, having what she terms a “low emotional IQ” would still qualify as a symptom of aspergers\HFA. Basically everyday is driving me beyond Saturn and back. Would a diagnosis help ☺×. I am one of them, and Joanna, the co-admin of this site, is another. Inevitably, I’d find myself offended by some thing they did to exclude me or not treat me the way I demanded and all my life have expressed my thoughts and feelings to people, rarely to find them receptive; more often defensive and angry. I understand that this was one of the ways that she was trying to fit in with me (and with friends). For example; reading about the main characteristics of a person with asperger’s, I could easily think of myself as someone having mild aspergers because I share some of the personality traits of those people (such as you described yourself). I find it a relief, to be honest, because I have wondered for a long time if I’m just crazy or if being able to remember strange and useless facts (like everyone’s number plates!) It is reassuring to hear things from your perspective. I have this problem that I have had all my life. I am curious. Should I? I just can’t see what I’m writing very well! Hi just writing here is a start. I was hard working, even stayed more hours all the time. 2. People have similarities and differences! I think you must reflect on your life as a whole and think about why they align with 80% of Atwood’s assessment. But there is ONE thing that I really need to question. When this time, I really felt like I was so much more evolved and authentic and why on earth does everyone play games and why don’t people just say what they mean exactly. Something I’ve thought many times before Rock on :) and I’m going to peruse more of your content.

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