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Centre administratif départemental This comparison demonstrates how useful the database of DART spectra for wood species managed by US Fish and Wildlife may be for analysis done in other contexts. This presentation will explore some of the ways the obsolescence of cultural and bodily practices impacts the preservation of contemporary art. Louis XIV’s France is where perfume really starts, and so in terms of hygiene they probably would have smelled very floral, and there might have been quite a strong sub-odour of sweat. Treatment necessitated resourceful, creative approaches to achieve stabilization including an aesthetically integrated surface and appropriate lifting hardware. Website: Contact: Chris Draves Thursday, July 30th: Textiles and Wooden Artifacts Session. As the earliest example of Levantine decorated pottery in the Near East collection and one of the few large, relatively intact reliefs in the Egyptian collection, these objects were slated for display in the permanent galleries. AIC's Photographic Materials Group (PMG) is holding its annual member business meeting, open to all PMG members. The Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation Committee is celebrating 10 years of programming following a generous endowment from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation for the support of continuing education in photograph preservation. In this presentation, research collaborators behind the Joan Jonas Knowledge Base (JJKB) will review the soon-to-be-launched digital resource housing information about the multimedia and performance artist Joan Jonas. The printouts were put on display for further reading one day after being delivered, and on the third day, the rolls of paper were labeled and dated, then stored in plexiglass containers. FOUNDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT IN CONSERVATION [33], He worked with Corréard, Savigny and another of the survivors, the carpenter Lavillette, to construct an accurately detailed scale model of the raft, which was reproduced on the finished canvas, even showing the gaps between some of the planks. [36] The painting's conception proved slow and difficult for Géricault, and he struggled to select a single pictorially effective moment to best capture the inherent drama of the event. [3] The event fascinated him, and before he began work on the final painting, he undertook extensive research and produced many preparatory sketches. Drawing on the notion of ‘obsolescence of practice’, two case-studies and several other examples from Tate’s collection, will explore the ways in which cultural practices have become crucial for sustaining, transmitting and preserving these artworks. Guidess treated the most compromised areas of the cover with custom-dyed supporting fabrics and sheer overlays. Website: Dr. Georg Kremer began making pigments in 1977 by producing Smalt--a 19th century cobalt-based synthetic blue. Email: [64] After the London exhibition, Bullock brought the painting to Dublin early in 1821, but the exhibition there was far less successful, in large part due to a competing exhibition of a moving panorama, "The Wreck of the Medusa" by the Marshall brothers firm, which was said to have been painted under the direction of one of the survivors of the disaster. An East Asian scroll is neither composed with a single layer, nor a completed sheet of paper or silk. At the moment, these digital storage practices are being tested on a trial basis for the time-based media artwork collection, with the intention that if they are successful, they can be expanded to include The Met’s other high-value digital assets. The cabinet has particular emphasis on the textile industry which was very strong at the time in Britain, but there are also many other specimens related to most other major industries of the 19th century, including farming, ranching, forestry, and mining. Based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Onset has been designing and manufacturing its products on site since the company’s founding in 1981. Thinking about the ways in which other countries have, and are, tackling questions about difficult heritage resulted in the author’s embarking on an eleven-month-long Rome Prize fellowship. Originally, the piece had included a wooden beam that was cut and carved by the artists, and four wooden pulleys, recovered from the historic sawmill, that had been integrated into the work. Over a period of nine months, staff and a Fellow in the Museum’s Photograph Conservation and Digital Departments worked to restore the corrupted files. We not only strive to support papermakers and the traditions, but to also grow with the present and future needs of the people that use the papers. Many of the 2020 accepted posters will be presented at the 2021 Annual Meeting in Jacksonville. Contact: Chad Grob Website: Historical accounts described the results as “tough as leather” and “destruction-proof;” today, these treatments have become brittle and strongly discolored. Contact: Stephen Pflanz Visit our website to see our most recent catalogs and featured new products. Although the overarching idea behind an ‘obsolescence of practice’ is yet to be systematically explored, it has been theorized by scholars in the social and human sciences, namely in the fields of decolonial theory and material culture (e.g. 92013 Nanterre Cedex T&D Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of wireless data loggers, is headquartered in Matsumoto Japan, and has been engaged in the design, development and manufacture of high reliability, high quality electronic measurement systems since 1986. %PDF-1.5 %���� Then access the session on July 21. The authors researched a variety of digital storage options to improve practices at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Conservators at the Carlos Museum of Emory University were faced with the challenge of stabilizing a 4-inch tall slip-decorated, ceramic vessel (4600-3600 BC) and a 4-foot tall limestone funerary stela from the Egyptian New Kingdom (1292-1191 BC). Virtual Meet & Greet: July 9; August 3 This talk will also examine the rationale and benefits for approaching a project in this way, the lessons learned, as well as some of the fascinating discoveries made along the way. Let us help you bring your exhibit to life with our unparalleled selection of cases, as well as everything you need to prepare, install, display and protect your collections.

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