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Even if the forecast is for fine weather or it’s the height of summer, you should always be prepared. [15], As a result of Milford Sound's high rainfall and the density of saltwater, the surface of Milford Sound is a layer of freshwater containing tannins from the surrounding rainforest. DISTANCE:  53.5 km one way (transport required). Piopiotahi means "a single piopio", harking back to the legend of Māui trying to win immortality for mankind—when Maui died in the attempt, a piopio was said to have flown here in mourning.[6]. December/January is usually fully booked within minutes, the remainder of the season is usually fully booked within weeks. "Ordinarily resident in New Zealand" means those: who hold a residence class, student or work visa; and, who have lived in New Zealand for six of the previous 12 months; and. A good level of fitness is needed to walk the Milford Track and you should make sure it suits your abilities. Food-wise, you’ll want to make sure you have enough to last the 4-day walk, plus contingency. The start point of the Milford Track is Glade Wharf at the head of Lake Te Anau. Milford Sound en Nouvelle-Zélande, un fjord impressionnant ! Find out more about freedom camping in New Zealand. The drive to Milford Sound itself passes through unspoiled mountain landscapes before entering the 1.2 km (0.75 mi) Homer Tunnel which emerges into rain-forest-carpeted canyons that descend to the sound. Then, when I finished in Milford, I had my car with me so I had time to do all of the other Milford activities I wanted to … Regular water taxi’s run during the Great Walks Season and we suggest you take the fast boat from Te Anau Downs at 2 pm as it gets to the start of the track before the other boat. The last day of the Milford Track follows the Arthur River along to the historic Boatshed hut – here, row boats used to ferry walkers over the river, but there’s now a swingbridge in place. Transport Regular water taxi’s run during the Great Walks Season and we suggest you take the fast boat from Te Anau Downs at 2 pm as it gets to the start of the track before the other boat. The start of the track is at Glade Wharf, Lake Te Anau approximately one hour by water taxi from Te Anau Downs (27km from Te Anau township). Gas is not provided – you will need to bring your own cooking stove. Our food packages take care of this. Note, Mintaro Hut could pose a risk in the event of a severe earthquake. The start of the track is at Glade Wharf, Lake Te Anau approximately one hour by water taxi from Te Anau Downs (27km from Te Anau township). Staying in Milford Sound. At the end of your Milford Track experience, take a cruise on the fiord before returning to Te Anau or Queenstown. Running water is turned off inside the huts. Tourists usually stay in Te Anau or Queenstown. On 8 February 2004 a spill of 13,000 litres of diesel fuel was discovered, resulting in a 2-kilometre spill which closed the fiord for two days while intensive cleanup activities were completed. Day 3: Mintaro Hut to Dumpling Hut via Mackinnon Pass (6-7 hours, 14km) Factors you should consider when deciding which footwear include your hiking experience, fitness level and how heavy your pack will be. Among the peaks are The Elephant at 1,517 metres (4,977 ft), said to resemble an elephant's head,[7] and The Lion, 1,302 metres (4,272 ft), in the shape of a crouching lion. Due to a natural phenomenon called 'deep water emergence,' deep-water animals such as black coral can be viewed in the shallow waters surrounding the observatory. Wear appropriate hiking footwear and bring plenty of warm and waterproof clothing. The Milford Track is known as ‘the finest walk in the world’ and is perhaps the most famous of the nine New Zealand Great Walks. Work on the Homer Tunnel began in 1935 but difficult conditions and interruption by the Second World War delayed its completion until 1954. Incredible Piopiotahi / Milford Sound Experiences. A dozen years later, the Milford Track was cut between Te Anau and Milford by Sutherland and Quintin Mackinnon, establishing a land link with the interior and a tourist route. You’ll be dwarfed by the sheer scale of the rock walls towering above on either side as you walk up the Clinton Valley, and will pass through changing vegetation as you climb higher towards Mintaro Hut. A sea route was the main route used by early Māori to transport the kokotakiwai (greenstone) to Murihiku (Southland). Milford Sound runs 15 kilometres inland from the Tasman Sea at Dale Point (also named after a location close to Milford Haven in Wales)—the mouth of the fiord—and is surrounded by sheer rock faces that rise 1,200 metres (3,900 ft) or more on either side. Cold temperatures, snow, strong winds and heavy rain can occur at any time of the year. Air New Zealand is a national partner with DOC for conservation, and is proud to support DOC's Great Walks. No one wants blisters…. it can be cold and wet, with ice, snow and short daylight hours, avalanche-prone bridges across some major watercourses are removed, DOC does not manage hazards such as flooding and avalanches, have the skills for the ATES class you are going into, have talked to the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre. Our Premium package includes DOC hut tickets if you want us to take care of booking these for you. The track finishes at Sandfly Point, a 15-minute boat ride to Milford Sound Wharf. Weather conditions can change quickly in any season. Bookings are essential, as only 90 people can start the walk each day and places frequently book out. With its magical combination of mountain peaks, ink-dark waters and superb dramatic forest-clad cliffs, it must be seen to be believed. The track follows the Clinton River up to the base of the Mackinnon Pass and Lake Mintaro, through ice fields and rocky valleys and past beautiful waterfalls. Parts of the Milford Track are exposed, steep, slippery, rough and muddy. Transport must be booked in advance. Iconic Mitre Peak - is one of the most recognised (and photographed) peaks in the world, with its sheer rock walls rising 1,692 m directly from the water. While the track is repaired, you can only do a return walk from Glade Wharf. Experience the stunning grandeur of Fiordland National Park and be awed by its natural wonders: sheer ice-carved valleys, mountain passes, refreshing glacier-fed rivers, peaceful forests and cascading waterfalls.

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