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It is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. It also benefits from a unified public transportation network, which reaches the campus in 15 minutes from the Saint Roch SNCF train station. •             How can applicants contact the university about their application? Campus associations include the following:• Bureau des Elèves (the Office for Student Affairs, which, as the name suggests, coordinates all associations); • Bureau des Sports (trainings, events), Adrénaline (extreme sports), Sup d’Eole (sailing), Drive’N’Co (automobiles);• Bureau des Arts, Larsen (culture and musical entertainment), Oenophorie (wine discoveries), Iris Live (photo and video), G4C (video games), LIM (city guide for smartphones);• Solidarity and exchange: Sup de cœur (a humanitarian association), Gaïa (sustainable development), World Connection (for visiting students) • Business: Job’Serv (temporary job searches) and CAC 34.Cafet’, Located in the heart of the campus, the cafeteria is managed by a private company and provides food service in a space with over 100 seats. Other streams can be added and mixed in, such as a second fixed camera, a moving camera, DVD, etc. To accommodate these 1,825 students - including international students participating in academic exchanges - who are on campus from September to June, the institution has: • 52 classrooms with a capacity of 12 to 75 students, • a large amphitheater with 470 seats (including 11 reserved for PRM), • an amphitheater with 134 seats, • a “flat” amphitheater with 79 seats (including 4 reserved for PRM). This space, which students have helped to design, is truly the center of life on campus. Lastly, teachers and students have access to the Electronic Document Center through the Center’s website, which is primarily focused on collections and services (searching for books and periodicals, placing holds, learning about new items, remotely accessing resources, etc.). There is also a landscaped patio.Sports activities, Montpellier Business School offers students access to external sports facilities at the Jean Monnet high school located in front of the campus. All rights reserved. The parking area has 400 spots for vehicles and a zone reserved for “two-wheelers.” Six parking spaces are reserved for persons with reduced mobility (PRM). Retrouvez ses points forts, ses accréditations et les coûts de scolarité. Fondée en 1897 et bâtie sur des valeurs fortes, Montpellier Business School propose aux talents Français et Internationaux uniques par leur diversité et leur parcours la formation … These e-textbooks contain the required readings for each class, which students can access online or download. Le Programme Bachelor of International Business Administration (BIBA) est un diplôme de niveau L (Bac+3) dispensé en 3 ans, visé et reconnu par l’Etat (RNCP niveau II), accrédité AACSB et labellisé EESPIG : un choix qui prépare l’avenir dans l’une des meilleures Business Schools européennes. Due to the nature of the school’s degree programmes - involving a year abroad, a year in a company and one to two years on campus - ICT is at the heart of the teaching and learning process.- The Internet: all microcomputers are connected to the Internet. All rights reserved. PowerPoint). Découvrez toutes nos solutions de Formation Professionnelle Continue, dont : La garantie d'excellence d'une Faculté de premier plan. Students, the entire faculty and the administrative staff benefit from individualized access to digital resources (Abi/Inform, Ebsco, Emerald, Inderscience, Sage, Science Direct, Wiley, etc.). BCE. L'alternance et l'entrepreneuriat étudiant, Soutenir la Fondation MBS pour l’égalité des chances, VAE (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience), Solutions de formation sur mesure, conseil et coaching, MSc Global Business : 12ème Master of Sciences ou Mastère Spécialisé, MSc International Business : 15ème Master of Sciences ou Mastère Spécialisé. in addition to real-time information concerning class schedules.IT equipment, The IT equipment for educational purposes takes into account the need for each student to have a laptop computer. Aujourd’hui, 90% des étudiants en dernière année du programme grande école sont en alternance. Making a Difference. Lean Operations Management ou Supply Chain Management. All of the school’s student associations, including the Bureau des Elèves (the Office of Student Affairs), are located here. It is equipped with two screens - one for digital signage and one for television broadcasts - and connected to the wireless network. Montpellier Business School develops a complete range of management courses: Bachelor programme, Grande Ecole Master in Management programme, Masters of Science, Executive MBA and Summer … Three computer labs are open for self-service use.The fixed workstations are equipped with standard office software and provide access to the library online, to databases and to secure printing.Multifunction copiers with password-protected secure printing, which students initiate from their fixed stations or laptops via the wireless network.Computer labs are managed by the Department of Information Systems, which provides continuous technical support to students.The network, The campus is entirely covered by a wireless network, allowing students to be “wireless nomads” with their laptops and tablets. /sites/default/files/profiles/cover-images/mbs_cover_image.jpg, /sites/default/files/profiles/cover-images-mobile/mbs_mobile_cover_320x450_2_0.jpg, MBS, the heart of teaching (2020 version), Welcome to MBS - International admissions, Welcome to MBS - International admissions (2020 clip), MBS, the place to be, the place to study (2020 version), This is MBS - Montpellier Business School, Discover Montpellier Business School (2020 clip), This is Montpellier Business School (Clip 2017), World University Rankings - Masters In Marketing, World University Rankings - Masters In Management, World University Rankings - Masters In Finance. This information rounds out the selection available in paper format. Montpellier Business School is located on a lovely wooded 6-acre campus in northeast Montpellier, about five kilometers (three miles) from the city center and 20 minutes from the beach. For many, the idea of stud... How to Choose the Right Business School For You. ).Student residences, •             What is the status of planned campus admission open days/tours? Open Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the Electronic Document Center gives users access to 5,500 recent books and 180 French and foreign journals (daily, weekly, monthly, specialized and scientific) as well as to DVDs. Out of the 2,500 students in all Montpellier Business School programmes, only 1,825 are actually present at any one time on the Montpellier campus. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

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