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[2], The constellation's bright stars form a pattern like a longshoreman's hook. It has an apparent magnitude of 10.43 and an absolute magnitude of -6.3. Kappa Scorpii is a spectroscopic binary star, composed of two stars that cannot be resolved with a telescope. C'est une étoile super-géante rouge, en fin de vie, dont la taille atteint 700 fois celle du soleil ! Scorpius constellation lies in the southern sky. The star once designated γ Sco (despite being well within the boundaries of Libra) is today known as σ Lib. Its symbol is ♏. The primary component is a main sequence star belonging to the spectral class B1.5V, about 8.5 times more massive than the Sun and with 4.1 times the solar radius. Antares is a red supergiant star with a visual magnitude of 0.96, approximately 550 light years distant from the Sun. Its name is Latin for scorpion, and its symbol is (Unicode ♏). [citation needed]. It has a visual magnitude of 2.307. It is a vast star-forming region and one of the most active stellar nurseries containing some of the most massive stars known in the Milky Way. Scorpius is one of the 48 constellations identified by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. At a separation of 20 seconds of arc, a class B9 dwarf with a visual magnitude of 8.7 is also orbiting the main pair. It consists of at least five stars forming two groups that are separated by 4.67 arc minutes. This is a comparison between the red supergiant Antares and the Sun, shown as the tiny dot toward the upper right. It is home to a significant number of blue stragglers, blue main sequence stars that appear to be much younger because they are bluer and more luminous than stars at the main sequence turn-off point for the cluster. The primary component in the system is classified as a Beta Cephei type variable, which is to say it is a star that exhibits variations in brightness as a result of pulsations of its surface. Cat’s Paw Nebula (Bear Claw Nebula) – NGC 6334 (Gum 64). Scorpius is one of the constellations of the zodiac and is located in the Southern celestial hemisphere. The star has the stellar classification B0.2V. The estimated age of the star system is about 10-13 million years. It has the stellar classification B2IV-V and is approximately 409 light years distant from Earth. Antares marks the heart of the scorpion, which is also its alternative name. The star is about 11 times more massive and 12,300 times more luminous than the Sun, and has a radius 6.1 times solar. The comparison possibly dates way back to Mesopotamian astronomers. Rho Scorpii is another binary star in Scorpius. Elle se situe à côté de la Voie Lactée et aussi sur le plan éliptique, comme les autres signes du Zodiaque. The meaning of the name is unknown. It is roughly 25 light years in diameter. The brightest components in the system form an eclipsing binary star classified as a Beta Lyrae type variable. NGC 6072 is a nebula about 1.2’ in size. It has a visual magnitude of 2.310 and is 63.7 light years distant. U Scorpii normally has a visual magnitude of 18, but during outbursts it reaches magnitude 8. It has an apparent magnitude of 14. Libra was known as the Claws of the Scorpion in Babylonian (zibānītu (compare Arabic zubānā)) and in Greek (χηλαι). It has an apparent magnitude of 3.93 and is approximately 424 light years distant. It is one of the most structurally complex nebulae known. The Butterfly Cluster has an apparent magnitude of 4.2 and is approximately 1,600 light years distant from the Sun. Idéal pour donner de l'originalité. It was created when a medium-sized star ran out of fuel and shed its outer envelope into space. Iota-1 Scorpii is an evolved star with the stellar classification F2 Ia, on the verge of becoming a supergiant. War and Peace Nebula – ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has taken the most detailed image so far of a spectacular part of the stellar nursery called NGC 6357. Due to its location straddling the Milky Way, this constellation contains many deep-sky objects such as the open clusters Messier 6 (the Butterfly Cluster) and Messier 7 (the Ptolemy Cluster), NGC 6231 (by ζ² Sco), and the globular clusters Messier 4 and Messier 80. Messier 7 is another open star cluster in Scorpius, located near the scorpion’s stinger. It has an apparent magnitude of 5.9 and is approximately 7,200 light years distant from the solar system. (The last recorded occultation by Venus occurred on September 17, 525 BC.). Scorpio tattoo on shoulder. It is 18 times more massive than the Sun and has 12 times the solar radius. Scorpius pre-dates the Greeks, and is one of the oldest constellations known.

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